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    HAIHUA Haihua Treatment

    Foshan Haihua Surface Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd., founded in 2005 and mainly engaged in the production of aluminum alloy oxidation additives and powder coating pretreatment additives, is a professional enterprise integrating of R&D, production and sales to after-sales service. At present, Haihua has six laboratories which including oxidation laboratory, powder coating laboratory, polishing laboratory, analysis laboratory and synthesis laboratory, simulative on-site large-scale production laboratory etc. . Our customers are of those high-end electronic consumer products, rail transit, construction and other fields.

    The company has obtained many international certifications of that ISO9001 product quality system certification and QUALICOAT chromium-free powder coating product certification etc., it also obtained the attestation and title of the national "Hi-tech Enterprise", "Foshan Research and Development Engineering Center for Aluminum Alloy Surface Treatment Additives",“Foshan Professional, Precise, Characteristics, and Innovative” and"Hi-tech Products.