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    With the pressure as the driving force, Haihua technology is committed to promoting the aluminum profile industry on the road of environmental protection
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    On July 10-12, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The event attracted many benchmark enterprises in the aluminum industry to jointly release new products, look forward to innovative applications, and discuss the industry development trend. At this grand meeting, the reporter of alcan.com had the honor to interview general manager Kang of Foshan Haihua Surface Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haihua technology") to discuss the new products, processes and trends of Haihua technology under the strict environmental protection situation.

    With the pressure as the driving force, Haihua technology is committed to promoting the aluminum profile industry on the road of environmental protection

    With the pressure as the driving force, Haihua technology is committed to promoting the aluminum profile industry on the road of environmental protection

    General manager of Haihua Technology

    Reporter: May I ask what new products and technologies are displayed in the exhibition?

    President Kang: this exhibition mainly shows three environmental protection products: degreaser, fluorine-free and nickel free medium temperature sealer, two acid and yellow smoke free polishing agent. These three environmental protection products play a positive role in alleviating the pressure of aluminum profile environmental protection and improving production efficiency. It is important that the products do not need too much tedious operation, shorten the process flow and reduce the processing cost of aluminum profile enterprises. When the product is applied to the production of aluminum profile, the amount of waste gas, waste water and waste residue produced by the product is significantly reduced compared with the ordinary products of the same kind, which is very effective for alleviating the pressure of pretreatment of aluminum profile pollutants and reducing the cost of environmental protection.

    With the pressure as the driving force, Haihua technology is committed to promoting the aluminum profile industry on the road of environmental protection

    Aluminum plus network reporter: is there any time to understand the overall situation of aluminum industry exhibition, and is there any new enlightenment for the development of the industry?

    Mr. Kang: the number of merchants in this year's aluminum industry exhibition has increased compared with the previous year. According to the situation of our booth, relevant product information was sent out as early as possible. It can be seen that most of the industry people are very concerned about the new environmental protection process and new products at present.

    Aluminum plus network reporter: now the environmental protection policy is becoming stricter, what do you think will affect the development of your company and the industry?

    Mr. Kang: in fact, relevant environmental protection policies have little impact on Haihua technology. Our market share in domestic and foreign markets is still growing. "If you want to wear the title, you must bear the weight". Haihua technology is more inclined to turn the pressure into power, constantly improve the existing products, and put the research and development of new products on the agenda.

    Reporter: do you have any new progress and breakthrough in the development of new products?

    General manager Kang: for the development of new products, the company first pays attention to the construction of talent team. In the near future, it will set up a group of top-notch talent team to make further research, development and innovation for product technology and performance. We will actively overcome the medium and high-end customer groups with strict control on pollution discharge and waste residue, and broaden the market space. We can say that we are confident in the future development of the company.

    Reporter: what's the situation with foreign customers through aluminum industry exhibition?

    President Kang: in the on-site booth, the new environmental protection products attracted some foreign businessmen to inquire, most of them came from Southeast Asia and Africa. Different from the demands of domestic medium and high-end customers, their process is still in the early stage of development, and their demands are different from those of domestic medium and high-end customers. Our on-site team also introduces appropriate product promotion and service according to different needs of customers, and the on-site atmosphere is also very active.

    With the pressure as the driving force, Haihua technology is committed to promoting the aluminum profile industry on the road of environmental protection

    Reporter: at present, the cost of raw materials related to aluminum auxiliary materials industry is rising. How can your company alleviate this dilemma?

    President Kang: in the first half of 2019, the company's cost increased nearly 20% year-on-year, and the overall profit margin declined, but it was basically within the controllable range. In order to break through the bottleneck of development, we will improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve product quality and service level on the original basis, and reduce the impact of rising raw materials from other aspects. At present, these measures are still effective. In the first half of 2019, the production and sales volume of Haihua science and technology still increased.

    Environmental protection is the main key word for the development of aluminum profile industry at present. In the environment of strengthening pollution prevention and ecological construction, Haihua has done well in response measures and planning in advance, researched and developed new environmental protection products, followed national policies at any time, and made strict national policies a new opportunity and springboard for the company's development. In order to promote the common progress of the industry, we actively communicate and integrate with peers without reservation, strive to improve each other and seek breakthroughs in difficulties.

    Aluminum plus network reporter: this time to participate in the aluminum industry exhibition is there another harvest?

    President Kang: we have both gained and felt pressure in this exhibition. The harvest is to recognize the general situation and trend of the aluminum profile industry as a whole. After communicating with customers from all over the world, we also found that customers have higher and higher requirements for product quality, which requires us to continuously improve product performance, which is undoubtedly a challenge for us and a driving force for progress.

    Reporter: finally, Mr. Kang, please briefly summarize the company's operation in the first half of the year and whether there is a new target plan in the second half of the year?

    Mr. Kang: the overall turnover of Haihua technology increased slightly in the first half of the year. In the future, we will still devote ourselves to pushing environmental protection products to the market, attaching importance to the domestic market, exploring foreign markets such as Africa and Southeast Asia, and making more contributions to the environmental protection of aluminum profile industry.


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