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    Special topic of paint to powder transfer
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    In the enterprises that are still hesitant to change paint powder, we suspect that a considerable proportion of customers have prejudices about the surface visual effect that powder can achieve. Can the powder make the same variable color as the paint? The same realistic visual effect? Since you have such doubts, you may as well go to the recent window and curtain wall exhibition and furniture exhibition, and you will get a certain and positive answer!

    Because you will see with your own eyes that they are not wood, nor stone, nor fur, but powder coated:

    Yes, powder is not the poor color and texture in your inherent impression. It grows at a stunning speed. With transfer printing technology, it can make a variety of realistic and beautiful appearance on the metal surface (as above), and thus achieve the true fashion of aluminum doors and windows and metal furniture. In recent two years, this application has been particularly sought after by the Chinese market.

    Combination of powder and transfer process

    With the development of technology, the heat transfer printing process can print almost all patterns on the primer of powder coating, making its surface vividly show the appearance of another material. For example, the most common wood grain in the domestic market, you can find it in outdoor aluminum seats, company filing cabinets, scenic guardrails and other scenes. Even if you check it closely, your eyes can't tell the difference between it and real wood. This is the perfect combination of powder and transfer technology.

    Outstanding weatherability of wood grain transfer powder

    The wood grain products will produce discoloration and gloss loss, cracking, peeling, pulverization, foaming, mechanical strength loss and physical degradation when affected by light, temperature and humidity. So it's very important to check the weather resistance of wood grain products.

    For wood grain base powder, its weather resistance requirements shall meet the relevant requirements of aama2603, aama2604, QUALICOAT class 1 and QUALICOAT class 2; while for transfer wood grain film / paper, its weather resistance requirements shall meet the relevant standards of qualideco class 1 and class 2.

    Akzo Nobel interpon D STF weather resistant wood grain powder, which has been leading the market in this respect, has jointly launched a ten to fifteen year warranty commitment with a well-known transfer film brand to completely solve your concerns in transfer production and transfer product application.

    Wood transfer effect is more popular in the market

    Compared with solid wood material and paint spraying, the unique advantage of high-quality wood grain powder is that it finally stands out:

    ★ green environmental protection - no solvent, zero VOC;

    ★ stable quality - stable quality among different parts;

    ★ good safety - wood can be replaced in the area requiring fire protection;

    ★ easy to maintain - low maintenance cost, more suitable for special environment than solid wood material

    ★ excellent weather resistance - meet QUALICOAT class 1 / class 2, AAMA 2603 / 2604, and can be used indoors and outdoors

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